Stolen Photos Of Women – May 2021 – Part #1

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Stolen Photos Of Women – May 2021

SCARS™ Scammer Gallery Collection

Each is an Impersonation / Identity Theft Victim





SCARS™ Scammer Gallery: Collection Of Stolen Photos Of Women

May 2021

Here Are Photos We Have Found Being Used Recently By Scammers!

Remember, scammers use tens of thousands of fake or stolen names for each face they steal. Don’t worry about a name, there are billions of fake profiles now on social media and even more on dating websites. All of these photos were stolen by scammers and found on fake Facebook & social media profiles, or elsewhere.

All you need to remember is this: if ANYONE asks you for money online and you do not know them or cannot verify them, they are a scammer! React accordingly!

These photos and others are shared so you can find them in Google & image searches

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The photos contained on this website have been reported by scam victims as being used by scammers through the SCARS|CDN™ Cybercrime Data Network. Some have been reported as actual criminals and some as being stolen from real people and used by fraudsters. This information was submitted to SCARS for the specific purpose of public publication and does not violate any privacy laws or regulations, nor copyright as these represent potential evidence of a crime.

SCARS makes no claim on the accuracy of these reports and presents the information as it was reported to SCARS. SCARS assumes no liability for this user-created information as per the Communications Decency Act Section 230.

If you believe a photo that belongs to or pictures you has been incorrectly reported, please complete the form here – click here (on our website). SCARS will review your request as rapidly as possible and notify you by email of the outcome. You may follow up by email 10 days after completing the form if you do not receive a reply.

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The Face in the Photo is a Victim Too! Leave them alone! Do not track them down or cyberstalk them!
Respect the victims whose photos & identity have been stolen
Never display children in stolen photos out of respect for their parents
Scammers impersonate millions of real people
Spotting Stoeln Photos
Spotting Photoshopped or Altered Images / Photos
Online Crime Is Real Crime!
Online Crime Is Real Crime!
Online Crime Is Real Crime!

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The Issue Of Race In Scam Reporting
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TAGS: SCARS, Romance Scammers, Romance Scams, Love Scam, Dating Scam, False Identity, Fake Profile, Fake Soldier, Impersonation, African Scam, Ghana Scammer, Nigerian Scammer, Scammer Gallery, Fake Faces, Fake Female, Fake Men, Latest Stolen Photos Of,

FAQ: How Do You Properly Report Scammers?

It is essential that law enforcement knows about scams & scammers, even though there is nothing (in most cases) that they can do.

Always report scams involving money lost or where you received money to:

  1. Local Police – ask them to take an “informational” police report – say you need it for your insurance
  2. State Police Cybercrimes Unit – that specializes in helping local victims of cybercrime in the U.S. click here »
  3. Your National Police or FBI « »
  4. The Scars Worldwide Reporting Network on « »

This helps your government understand the problem, and allows law enforcement to add scammers on watch lists worldwide.

Please be sure to report all scammers

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  1. Steven Lamun July 12, 2021 at 10:33 am - Reply

    How about when you got scammed and the scammer turns out to be the real person in the picture and you can prove it? Even though through the whole process you never met her in person. Never talked to her on the phone did not video chat with her one contact you had was text messaging. But you were smart enough to set a trap for her and only she could have stepped in it and she did. I was scammed by Sarah Vandella the pornstar for over $20,000 no bulshit I can prove everything. I was given a one-year restraining order which I obeyed to the letter barring me from any contact with Sarah and the Mustang Ranch brothel for one year. Well that year is over I can prove it with Sarah she then made a follow-up contact right after I got served and what she talks about in that follow-up only Sara would know no catfish would but you make points of contact with me prior to my being served that only Sarah could have I have all the proof and now I want my $20,000 back. SHe tried several times throughout the year to make contact with me but I would not respond to any of her attempts.

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