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Scammer Photos

Stolen & the Real Scammer Photos Presented by SCARS

The scammer photos that appear on this website have been reported to SCARS by victims as evidence of cybercrime and as part of an ongoing study into the selection of stolen images & identities chosen by scammers

Scammer Photos, Scammer Photos - Stolen Photos Used By Scammers & Real Scammer Faces

Welcome to an Official Scammer Photos website by the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc.

Photos are displayed to alert potential victims of their use by scammers impersonating real people.

These are stolen photos and are shown as evidence of crimes

We also present the photos of real (reported or arrested) scammers for use by law enforcement around the world from the SCARS|CDN™ Cybercrime Data Network.™

Dear Scammers …
The Internet Never Forgets! And Neither Do We!
Eventually, Your Pictures Will Appear Here!

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Images are displayed in the original size when reported

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Visit the SCARS Encyclopedia of Scams

Visit the SCARS Encyclopedia of Scams

LEGAL NOTICE: The photos on this website are presented as evidence of crimes committed by cyber-enabled criminals engaging in financial fraud. The stolen images are not the criminals but the identities they impersonate. The real pictures are grouped as alleged criminals pending arrest or those that have been arrested and or convicted. Images are displayed under the FAIR USE provision of U.S. and International Copyright law & conventions as evidence of crimes and as a part of a scholarly work studying criminal preferencing in their choice of stolen photos & identities. Learn more about SCARS Research at

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Scam Victim Warning

Do not try to contact the person in the stolen images – the people pictured in these photos already know their photos are being used and that their identities have been stolen – they are impersonation victims – please do not cyberstalk them and invade their privacy – they are also victims! Leave them and their families alone!